#HeritageEveryware Lit Long Edinburgh: literary big data mapped & curated

Muriel Spark, Irvine Welsh and Ian Rankin all found global fame as authors of indelibly Edinburgh-set fiction in the second half of the last century but as far back as the early 1800s Edinburgh was already conceived of in the popular imagination in literary terms. This trend was crystallized in the towering Scott Monument, completed … Continue reading #HeritageEveryware Lit Long Edinburgh: literary big data mapped & curated


#HeritageEveryware Scanning the digital heritage horizon at The Glasgow School Of Art

It sounds paradoxical but one of the world's leading hubs of digital heritage learning, research and innovation is based in an art school, and it had to be in Glasgow... A fusion of cultural heritage and technological expertise, history and data, human stories and computational power, it's the "idea of dueling polarities within one entity" made concrete (and virtual) in an unexpected setting.

#HeritageEveryware Ben Jonson’s Walk: reanimating a journey through space and time

Walking is often cited as a source of creativity and freedom from the repetitive cycle of daily existence. Pervasive social and mapping media can now capture and impinge on the walking experience; but rather than just recording, guiding or interrupting it what if they could be used to re-ingnite history in the present? The digital re-enactment of Ben Jonson’s Walk in 1618 took this challenge on directly.

#HeritageEveryware Loughborough Junction WW1 augmented reality app: local history & placemaking

Many community, arts and civic groups are using digital and mobile media to open up local history and heritage, making it more accessible to local people in rural and urban settings. As I'm interested in community usage of digital media, I was excited to stumble on news of a forthcoming launch on 6th September 2014 of an augmented reality history app near me in South London.